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About the OVHP

The premiere component of the Ontario Visual Heritage Project is a feature length, tv-ready hd documentary on the history of your community; complete with re-enactments of historical events, interviews and archival photographs and film.

Documentary Photos

Community Focused Production Model
Taking cues from the collaborative community theatre approach, we employ a community-focused production model to create a work that is as inclusive as possible. Volunteer guidance and acting both add value to the Ontario Visual Heritage Project and promote an active interest in local history. The storyline for the documentary is created with the assistance of a local steering committee and extensive interviews with local historians. We do not tell a community what their history is - instead, we empower local historians to tell the stories of their community. Theatre groups and local high-school drama classes are invited to be involved in the production and at least one local student is hired to work on the production. Any organization that assists in the production, be it through information, photographs or other means - is entitled to use any of the footage we acquire for the Ontario Visual Heritage Project at no cost.

Professional Production Standards
We use the latest in digital cinema production and editing technology to present your history in a professional and visually enticing way, with crystal clear video and audio. RED Digital Cinema “4K” acquisition offers up to five times the resolution of “HD” video technology, and “future-proofs” your production, keeping the Ontario Visual Heritage Project relevant for years to come. An original score is developed for each production, and broadcast quality narration, artistically rendered graphics and professional packaging round out the workflow of the Ontario Visual Heritage Project.

Our Volunteer Commitment
“From the overnight accommodation, to the use of appropriate period clothing, to the refreshments and that incredible roast beef dinner... we all felt that the treatment was wonderful!”
- Wooldridge Family, Re-enactors, Oshawa ON
We strive to provide a rewarding volunteer experience for all those involved with the Ontario Visual Heritage Project. All of our volunteers are recognized at a launch event held in their honour and are given a copy of the completed production. On set, the collaborative working environment creates an engaging learning environment for volunteers (especially students) to learn not only about their history but about video and multimedia production as well.

Broadcast Potential
In early 2010 we announced a partnership with TVO to broadcast our “Shield” project in an 8-part series several times during “prime time” over two years. We look forward to continuing our partnership with TVO and offering your community’s story for broadcast to viewers across Ontario. Other broadcasters, including PBS affiliates and other regional TV stations, will be considered where appropriate.
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