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About the OVHP
A course guide will be created to accompany your project, helping teachers to incorporate the Ontario Visual Heritage Project easily into their curriculum at both the primary and secondary school levels.

Helping Youth Connect
Created in response to teacher requests, the course guide is a tool that teachers can use to start employing the Ontario Visual Heritage Project quickly in their classrooms. The course guide includes activities created from the content in the documentary and a transcript of everything said during the film for easy reference.

Ontario Courses

The following courses are directly related to the content of Ontario Visual
Heritage Project DVDs:

• All English Courses Grades 8 - 12 Applied, Workplace and Academic Courses
• Earth and Space Science, (SES4U) Grade 12, University Preparation
• Chemistry, Grade 12, College Preparation (SCH4C)
• Chemistry, Grade 12, University Preparation (SCH4U)
• Science, Grade 11, University/College Preparation (SNC3M)
• Science, Grade 11,Workplace Preparation (SNC3E)
• Geography of Canada, Grade 9,Academic (CGC1D) 
• Geography of Canada, Grade 9,Applied (CGC1P)
• Canadian History Since World War I, Grade 10,Academic (CHC2D)
• Canadian History Since World War I, Grade 10,Applied (CHC2P)
• The Americas: Geographic Patterns and Issues, Grade 11, University/College Prepara tion (CGD3M)
• Physical Geography: Patterns, Processes, and Interactions, Grade 11, University/College Preparation (CGF3M)
• Canada: History, Identity, and Culture, Grade 12, University Preparation (CHI4U)
• Canadian History and Politics Since 1945, Grade 11, College Preparation (CHH3C) 
• Canadian History and Politics Since 1945, Grade 11,Workplace Preparation (CHH3E)
• Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, (CGW4U) Grade 12, University Preparation
• World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions, (CGU4U) Grade 12, University Preparation
• Native Studies:
• Expressing Aboriginal Cultures, Grade 9, Open (NAC1O) 
• Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Grade 10, Open (NAC2O)

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